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Boarding is currently only available for medical patients.

White's Pet Hospital in Santa Barbara offers dog and cat boarding. Our canine guests enjoy a large indoor/outdoor run with heated floors for those chilly nights. Our feline guests enjoy a large comfortable set up with “hide-a-way” options and different levels for resting or playing.

Pets boarding at White’s are fortunate to have veterinary care available seven days a week! We often board pets who have medical concerns that require extra care from our team.

If you plan on boarding your pet schedule as early as possible, especially around the holidays!

What if my pet needs medication or there is an emergency?

Pets boarding in our facility are boarding right next to a veterinary hospital and our team is trained to administer all types of medication. If there is an emergency or a medical concern with a boarding pet, all efforts will be made to reach the owner to inform them of the situation. If an owner is unreachable, our veterinarians will use their best judgement to care for the pet appropriately, and of course compassionately.

What is a run?

A run is a type of dog kennel that is long enough for a dog to exercise. Our runs vary in size because we board different sizes of dogs. Feel free to request a tour!

What should I bring with my pet?

If you pet is on a medication or special diet please bring enough for the entire duration of your pets stay. For medications, please insure to bring up to date instructions. For special foods, please make sure to let the White’s team know if your pet has allergies, and how much and how often your pet eats. We encourage you to bring comforting items for your pet such as a toy or t-shirt. We discourage bringing bedding for your pet. We have a large amount of comfortable bedding that we wash daily, most pet beds do not fit into our washers. When you arrive with your pet we will remove jackets, collars, leashes, and harnesses, these will be left with you to be used at the time you pick your pet up.

What health services are required for my pet to board at White’s?

This can be a difficult question to answer as some pets may need specialized care plans for their boarding stay. We recommend contacting our hospital regarding required vaccines and health services.

For cats we require an up-to-date rabies and FVRCP vaccine.

For dogs we require an up-to-date rabies, DHP, Bordetella, and influenza vaccine.

What does White’s Pet Hospital feed my pets if I don’t bring my own food?

At White’s we serve our boarding guests a sensitive stomach food, either kibbled, canned or a combination.

What extra services are offered for my pet while they are boarding?

While your pet is boarding we offer playtime, snacks, nail trims, anal glad expression, bathing, and updating of basic wellness services. For more details or for pricing please call our hospital.

What is play time?

Playtime is a one on one time with your pet or pets in our beautiful kennel yard. We offer up to two play times a day during their stay at White’s. Playtime is especially ideal for active or social pets.

How do I schedule my pet for boarding?

Give us a call! The sooner you schedule your pets stay with us the better, our kennel does fill up, especially during the holidays.

When can I board my pet?

We board pets 365 days a year! Pets may be dropped off and picked up during regular business hours seven days a week. Although our kennel team is caring for your pets during major holidays, we do not offer drop off or pick up if our hospital is closed.